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Do you have one of those in trend contemporary rugs that have the ability to complement the significant area of your house perfectly? Then you exactly have the idea what it takes to maintain these. Constant attention, appropriate care and professional rug cleaning are necessary for all kinds of rugs. Before your rug goes into the commercial plant for deep carpet shampoo, there are tips that you can use to introduce an ecofriendly cleaning routine for your rug covered space. Note that these tips can differ for different genres of rugs. We tend to list all the important pointers about the rug cleaning and for professional high definition cleaning of your oriental or contemporary rug, you can call our service.

Watch the tag
No denying the fact that detailed rug cleaning can be hectic. However, following the tag will save your asset from a wrong experiment. Take the instruction and if your rug tag says dry clean only, take professional help for stain removal, and preserving the beauty of your area rug.

Dealing with the gum crisis immediately
For home makers, gum on their favorite rug is probably the worst nightmare. Ice cubes are known to be helpful in getting rid of the gum. Experts at Carpet Cleaning Gilory suggest to first get rid of the gum as much as you can with a butter knife or likewise object and then apply the ice cube pack on the surface. Direct application of ice, however, may get the gum stain expanded. After the disturbing spills, deep carpet shampoo by professional cleaner will make your rug bacteria proof.

Using Alcohol or Vinegar
These two ingredients are known to be helpful for stain removal, whenever there is a spill. If you want this to work even better, try getting rid of the stain first by wet sponging the surface first. In some cases like paint and ketchup stains, detergent solution should be applied before using vinegar.

Fur rugs should be treated differently

We love that soft furry touch under our feet every time we walk on the sheepskin or other furry carpets. Do you know what it takes to maintain those? Expert says in this case talcum powder is a way of ecofriendly cleaning. It is never quick, leave the talcum powder in the fur for hours before you gently brush it off for the dirt removal. It should be treated on the back side as well with a warm detergent solution. Stain removal cases are highly sensitive to treat with fur fabric, try our expert dry cleaning plant to get the oldest stains away from the carpet.

For deep carpet shampoo and for dry cleaning of rugs, we have a well customized system and fully equipped plant. Our professionals at Carpet Cleaning Gilory tend to take care of your rug cleaning by using the most advanced ecofriendly techniques. Our stain resistant guard is one of the maintenance traits that our customers appreciate besides rug cleaning. We are a full time upholstery cleaning help for our customers for years and our team focus is on maximum co-operation and 100% satisfaction of our customers. Schedule your yearly rug cleaning with us and feel the difference.