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Carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning or even water damage, you name the service and Carpet Cleaning Giloryhas it. We all love styling our living spaces with different carpets or rugs and every choice reflects how we personalize our space and let just not talk about the added beauty of upholstery. But admit it; even with the vigorous cleaning schedules that we go through, sometimes it is very necessary to call the pros for the stain removal. And I am very sure there are people out there who have no idea of how any of the aforementioned cleaning happens. There are as many eco-friendly carpet cleaning techniques as a person might imagine.

Carpet Cleaning:

One must ask, "Is vacuuming enough to get all of the dust and dirt?" and of course the answer is "NO!” So it is necessary every once a while to let the professionals handle the cleaning. Carpet cleaning consists of two categories:

Light surface cleaning- In which the deep carpet shampoo or other absorbent is applied on the carpets and later vacuumed.

Deep carpet cleaning- is achieved with hot water extraction also known as steam carpet cleaning.

Every carpet requires a different method to be dealt with and we do make sure there isn’t any harm done to the fibbers and the beauty of the carpets.

Rug cleaning:

Only a professional rug cleaning serves the purpose of removing dirt, odor, allergens and even stain removal. First, we will pre-inspect for any permanent stains and will allow the employees to determine the rug material, inspection is an important phase as some rugs contain Jute (natural fiber) which tends to shrink when wet. Then a thorough vacuuming will be done followed by a pre-spray and spot treatment before steam carpet cleaning is performed. The rug is later racked for speedy dry and to restore its original allure.

Such rug cleaning in which the former softness and vibrancies restored is no wonder a job for the professionals.

Upholstery cleaning:

Worried about the dirt and stains finding their way into your favorite seat or furniture? It won’t come off? And is organic carpet cleaning safe for kids and pets?

So I would say you don’t have to worry any more. We will first analyze your upholstery to know which technique to be used, all of our techniques are safe for kids, pets and the environment as well. Then we will use our deep carpet shampoo to safely clean all of your furniture, and will make sure everything is done right in the correct manner, and later will deodorize your upholstery. The cleaned furniture will speak for its self and won’t leave you disappointed at all.

Water Damage:

Damages happen when you least expect them to. Whether it’s a broken pipe, excess rain damage, or any water damage, can quickly ruin and cause damage to your possessions. We will bring the extraction equipment such as dehumidifier and make sure proper drying takes place and will even monitor the drying process on a daily basis. We will provide with trained technicians and best of the equipment to assist you as much as we can.

So now next time when you are calling in for the professionals you know there are more questions to be asked other than are organic carpet cleaning safe for kids and pets? Or is this eco-friendly carpet cleaning techniques? Just to know that does the technician know what they are doing. As at Carpet Cleaning Gilory our expert team knows their job, and we handle your precious assets with care.